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22 12, 2021

The Story of a Student in Love with Math

By |2021-12-23T15:59:58-08:00December 22, 2021|Success Stories|0 Comments

Many students dislike math, and some students even fear it. For Feng, the story was different; He fell in love with math and had fun learning it. He is currently a 4th grader at Woodrow Wilson and achieved the honor status in Afficient Academy within just a few months of enrolling.  Feng’s Afficient Math journey started in June 2021. His parents found out about Afficient Academy through an online advertisement, and they responded by scheduling a free diagnostic test [...]

21 12, 2021

Third Grader Learning Seventh Grade Math

By |2021-12-23T16:00:20-08:00December 21, 2021|Success Stories|0 Comments

This week, we share the story of an Afficient Star who completed five grades of Afficient Math in fourteen months. We are thrilled by this third grader at Cumberland Elementary School and her achievements! Lucy Zhang's parents searched for an excellent online math program last year when the pandemic started. Recommended by a friend, they liked the idea of [...]

9 11, 2021

Your Guide to K12 Standardized Assessment

By |2021-12-23T15:58:18-08:00November 9, 2021|Featured Article|0 Comments

We all remember sitting in that room before end-of-year testing, filling out scantrons and sharpening our no.2 pencils. We remember sitting in silence for hours so everyone could focus on math, reading comprehension, and listening skills. We remember massaging our hands when we finished, relieved that summer vacation was quickly approaching. We don't often remember the ultimate purpose of [...]

8 10, 2021

Closing the COVID Gap: Remediation vs. Acceleration

By |2021-12-23T15:44:43-08:00October 8, 2021|Featured Article|0 Comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has required many industries to experiment with new and innovative approaches to serving the needs of the public. The education industry is no exception. The 2020/2021 school year was tumultuous, to say the least, and incessant disruptions widely impacted student learning. Indeed, K-12 students began the 2021/2022 school year an average of five months behind grade level [...]

6 10, 2021

“Math is Not a Spectator Sport”: Wisdom of a 10th Grader Learning Pre-Calculus

By |2021-12-23T16:03:07-08:00October 6, 2021|Success Stories|0 Comments

Alex was entering 8th grade. His parents wanted a supplemental math program to help him build a strong foundation, offer more exercises to practice outside of his school homework, and provide a quick solution to problems accurately. Their search for the ideal math program ended when a friend recommended Afficient Math. It met their requirements, and Alex started his Afficient Math journey in July 2019.   [...]

4 08, 2021

Lily’s Success Story

By |2021-12-23T19:54:58-08:00August 4, 2021|Success Stories|0 Comments

As the pandemic started and schools shut down, Lily’s parents were concerned about her learning. They were looking for an educational program to support Lily, and that’s when a friend suggested Afficient Academy.   Lily’s parents wanted her to focus on math, so she started on Afficient Math in May of 2020. She was so successful that her parents decided [...]

4 08, 2021

Singapore Mathematics Framework: A National Model for New Mathematics Standards

By |2021-12-23T19:47:05-08:00August 4, 2021|Featured Article|0 Comments

Schools throughout the United States and around the world share a common goal of producing global citizens. This goal hinges upon making sure students have a solid understanding of the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is common knowledge that the United States lags behind its European and Asian counterparts in mathematics education. The Common Core State Standards are a direct effort [...]

28 07, 2021

Critical Thinking and College Readiness

By |2021-12-27T08:52:13-08:00July 28, 2021|Featured Article|0 Comments

What does it mean to make high-school students “college and career ready“? Does it mean that they have memorized a lot of information or have a deep understanding of core concepts? Does it mean that they write essays based on their personal experiences, or evidence-based background knowledge? Does it mean that they accept all information given as fact, or [...]

21 07, 2021

A New Frontier: Competency-Based Learning

By |2021-12-23T19:35:03-08:00July 21, 2021|Featured Article|0 Comments

When we think of traditional education spaces, we picture a classroom filled with children, all around the same age, sitting and raising their hands while a teacher lectures at the front of the classroom. While this method of teaching and learning is ideal for some circumstances, it is by no means the best or only way that students can master the [...]

14 07, 2021

Tiger Xu: the hard-working student with a passion for Origami

By |2021-12-23T19:19:55-08:00July 14, 2021|Success Stories|0 Comments

Tiger Xu, currently a seventh grader, is this week's Afficient Star. Introduced by a friend, Tiger’s parents chose Afficient Academy’s AI-empowered math and English programs for him because they offer a remote learning option, which is necessary since they live far from a physical learning center.   After taking the diagnostic test, Tiger was enrolled in the Afficient Math program in Nov 2018 and started learning at [...]

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