Self-learning is not a new concept. From prehistoric times, humans have self-learned and acquired the necessary skills to survive and thrive.

What is Self-Learning?
Self-learning, or independent learning, is the act of collecting, processing, and retaining knowledge on one’s own, without the help of an instructor. This means that students can conduct research independently and master most subjects at their own pace. Self-learning requires intrinsic motivation, initiative, and discipline to achieve.

Why are Self-Learning skills important?
A student with self-learning skills can learn beyond what’s taught in the classroom. Traditionally, all students in a class progress at the same pace as their peers. But the truth is that a classroom is full of students who are behind, on, and above grade level. Self-learning skills are immensely helpful in learning advanced material or filling knowledge and skill gaps. Children who can self-learn and develop new skills will become adults able to survive in a competitive professional landscape.

Self-Learning Benefits:
Children will experience significant long-term benefits from developing independent learning skills:

Problem-solving skills: Self-learning encourages children to find solutions and explore the best ways to learn.
High-quality learning: Self-learning helps students accelerate their learning and increases retention of information.
Learning through mistakes: Self-learning is about making mistakes, learning from them, and gradually improving. This type of learning environment encourages a trial-and-error approach. Students are not pressured to get it right the first time.
Character development: Self-learning develops qualities like motivation, discipline, time management, resilience, tenacity, courage, the ability to face challenges, responsibility, and accountability for one’s learning. All these qualities are essential to be successful in life.

How does Afficient foster self-learning skills?
Afficient offers AI-powered personalized learning programs to get drastic results! Both our Afficient Math and Afficient English programs foster self-learning skills. This is what your children will experience using our programs:

1. After enrollment in a program, a suitable starting point for the student is determined through a comprehensive diagnostic test, and a lesson plan is created.
2. The student sets a reasonable goal with the help of an academic advisor.
3. The academic advisor advises the student to determine and assign a schedule for Afficient studies. The students enrolled at a local learning center visit the center on a weekly schedule. Students enrolled remotely are encouraged to pick a time slot and schedule their weekly supervised sessions, where the instructors monitor them online.
4. All students are advised to maintain a routine, whether attending a session at a local learning center, an online session, or self-learning at home. This creates discipline; it becomes a habit to work on Afficient’s homework daily.
5. In Afficient programs, students learn a new concept independently through a demo lesson. They complete assisted exercises where the answers are partially provided. This is followed by independent exercises that help the students master the concept. Although an instructor’s help is available during the sessions, our instructors are trained to guide students to independently complete exercises. Active help is only provided when students have reached an impasse and cannot move further through the program on their own.
6. A student completes most of the homework at home independently. Afficient’s programs have a “HELP” provision built into the program, which provides steps to complete exercises correctly and explanations for answers. For students needing guidance, online Zoom sessions are available six days a week at designated hours.

If you are looking for programs to help your child excel in core subjects and develop life skills like self-learning, self-confidence, and accountability, consider Afficient Academy’s AI-powered math & English programs. Contact Afficient Academy, call 408-726-2245 , or email Give your child a chance to succeed (not just academically) but also in life!