Summer is almost here, meaning students will get a long break from the classroom, homework assignments, and standardized testing. Many families take advantage of the extended break to plan vacations. Families need to rest and give their children a mental break from the school year. However, a more extended break from academic activities has proven unproductive and detrimental to a child’s educational growth. Many students lose about a month’s worth of learning over summer break, a phenomenon that has come to be called the “summer slide.”

Some schools do not review previously learned material at the beginning of a new academic year because so much new material needs to be covered for every grade level. As a result, many students struggle to recall everything they learned at the end of the previous academic year. What’s the solution?

Some schools offer summer school programs, but unfortunately, there aren’t many summer school programs offered in public schools due to lack of funding. Some private schools offer summer programs, but they can be expensive. Finally, many private education providers offer summer camp programs for several weeks, and often, such programs are costly and out of reach for many parents.

The critical point here is that the students must remain engaged in some academic activities, especially in subjects like math and English, throughout the summer while enjoying their extended break. This ensures that they not only retain important information but also have the opportunity to extend their learning and accelerate their academic growth into the next school year.

There are many math and English programs available online and offline. Some are inexpensive and less rigorous, while others are more expensive and robust. Not all the programs offer the same value, so parents need to consider what they can afford while not compromising on the quality of the programs.

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