We are pleased to share the following news, which is a moment of pride for Afficient Academy.

Dr. Jiayuan Fang, Founder and CEO of Afficient Academy, was invited by US Vice President’s office to Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington DC in celebration of AANHPI (Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander) Heritage Month on May 9.

The event honors the contributions of AANHPI to US society. More than 300 people gathered at the event. Dr. Fang was nominated to the event by California Bay Area Congressman Ro Khanna for recognition of his innovation and entrepreneurship as founder of Afficient Academy.

“It is an honor to be recognized during a month celebrating the contributions of Asian Americans,” Dr. Fang said. “It is an even greater honor to be helping the next generation succeed through innovative education.”

Dr. Fang met with the Congressman Ro Khanna last Sunday, 5/12/24, and discussed how Afficient Academy’s AI-driven programs are helping students achieve their learning objectives. (Dr. Fang with Congressman Ro Khanna)

“As you can imagine, something like this has never happened in this house before, ” Harris said in the opening remarks of the event. “It is really my joy to bring us all together as a community.”

“My mother, many of you know, had many sayings. And one of them, she’d say to me, was ‘Kamala, you may be the first to do many things, but make sure you are not the last.’” Kamala Harris said in her speech. “I know that is true for so many here today.”

Dr. Fang had an excellent experience of meeting with a few Congressmen and dignitaries from across the country. We, at Afficient Academy are extremely proud that Dr. Fang was invited by the office of the US Vice President. His patience, perseverance and relentless work at Afficient Academy has been recognized, as an entrepreneur, he is being valued and respected.