With the success in the consumer market, Afficient Academy is partnering with schools to fill the widening learning gaps with unprecedented effectiveness.

San Jose, California–(Newsfile Corp. – August 14, 2023) – Afficient Academy is a Silicon Valley-based education technology company specializing in AI-powered programs that empower students to excel. Afficient Academy sees its AI-powered math and english programs can play a prominent role in filling student learning gaps, as schools and educators look to address widening gaps created by the pandemic lockdown, as well as teacher shortages.

Dr. Jiayuan Fang, founding CEO of Afficient Academy, said several schools and after-schools across the country are now ready to implement its programs in the next semester. Afficient Academy has also received “very positive” feedback from schools that participated in a series of pilot programs organized around the country.

“The widening learning gaps created by a chronic shortage of teachers in struggling districts, heightened by pandemic lockdown, have been an enduring challenge for schools across the country,” says Dr. Fang.

“Our experience working with schools who have adopted Afficient’s methodology shows that AI-powered learning programs are the perfect tools to address these challenges. Afficient’s Math and English programs have been proven to dramatically enhance the learning efficiency and quality, help students fill learning gaps, and bring them up to the current grade level.”

A key feature of Afficient Academy’s AI-powered program is its ability to thoroughly identify and fill the learning gaps of each student. The program then intelligently generates personalized lessons and exercises, customized with students actual progress, that ensure all the relevant skills are learned, practiced, and mastered in the least amount of time.

“Afficient programs find and fill student learning gaps more thoroughly and efficiently compared to existing products in the market,” says Dr. Fang. “With individualized learning enabled by our AI-powered program, we hope to help schools to overcome long lasting challenges of filling students’ learning gaps carried over from previous years. We also hope as students have stronger foundations with our programs, we will see a reduction in teacher stress and workload, while boosting student learning interest and confidence.”

Afficient Academy is accredited by the Western Association Of Schools And Colleges (WASC). It provides self-paced, AI-powered Math and English programs that improve each student’s learning efficiency. As a result-oriented learning platform, Afficient Academy optimizes the learning path to achieve better grades, while making studying fun and engaging.

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Source: The Newsdesk
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