We are excited to announce that Afficient English has launched Grade 9, Honors World Literature, continuing our mission to help prepare your children for college with rigorous, standards-aligned English Language Arts content. In the 9th grade, students will be exploring world literature in English throughout history, from ancient Greece to post-World War II America. Some of the genres that are explored in the 9th grade are:

  • Ancient mythology
  • Epic poetry
  • Greek Tragedy
  • Shakespearean tragedy
  • Traditional poetry
  • Visual art
  • Political rhetoric
  • Modern short stories
  • Mysteries and thrillers
  • Dystopian and post-apocalyptic literature

Students will have the opportunity to read classic plays, poetry, and short stories from such legendary authors as Homer to Agatha Christie in our diverse curriculum. In addition to exploring literature, students will delve into the process of writing their own epic narratives, ethical dilemma essays, and character analysis essays within our product. Whether your child just graduated middle school and is looking to get a jumpstart on 9th grade English, or in high school already and looking to fill in some skill gaps, Grade 9, Honors World Literature could be just what your child needs to thrive in the classroom. Please click the link to get a FREE Online Diagnostic Test and a Consultation for Afficient English.