This week, we share the story of an Afficient Star who completed five grades of Afficient Math in fourteen months. We are thrilled by this third grader at Cumberland Elementary School and her achievements!

Lucy Zhang’s parents searched for an excellent online math program last year when the pandemic started. Recommended by a friend, they liked the idea of trying Afficient Math, Afficient Academy’s AI-empowered math program. After Lucy took the FREE math Diagnostic Test, her parents signed her up for Afficient Math at the beginning of April 2020. She was determined to be featured in the weekly top performers’ list, so she tried to spend a few hours every day accelerating her progress, soon realizing that it wasn’t sustainable.

So, in collaboration with her learning center director, Lucy devised a plan that kept her motivated, supported her progress, and led her on the path to reach her goals. She worked on Afficient Math 30 minutes a day, completing all her homework assignments and more. In the progress chart below, we can see that Lucy achieved five grades of Afficient Math in just 14 months.

According to the director of the learning center that Lucy attended, she initially struggled. Still, with hard work, determination, and consistency, she moved beyond her struggles and practiced math concepts that were three grades above her current school grade. Lucy’s success is a testimony to her work ethic, patience, and perseverance.

Her parents say, “Afficient has helped Lucy only focus on her weak areas without wasting time on repeating skills she already mastered. Initially, she sought help from her sister, but soon she solved the problems on her first attempt. Her story is a living example that an average kid with the right tools can also excel.” This is a testimony to our core beliefs that with a combination of our systematic learning approach, AI-empowered math and English programs, and our continued support system, any student at any level and ability can achieve success through our programs.

Commenting on how Afficient Academy can help students, Lucy’s mom says, “Every kid is different. So, it is important to find the right way for each kid to excel on their own. Afficient can help in tailoring that process with the help of AI technology.” Advising her fellow Afficient peers, Lucy says, “Even if things start hard, if you try your best, it soon gets easy in the end. Never be afraid to ask for help.”

Outside of academics, Lucy is interested in drawing, piano, public speaking, and playing outdoor games. We are excited to see her academic and nonacademic