Many students dislike math, and some students even fear it. For Feng, the story was different; He fell in love with math and had fun learning it. He is currently a 4th grader at Woodrow Wilson and achieved the honor status in Afficient Academy within just a few months of enrolling. 

Feng’s Afficient Math journey started in June 2021. His parents found out about Afficient Academy through an online advertisement, and they responded by scheduling a free diagnostic test which is usually the first step before students are enrolled. Based on his diagnostic test results, Feng started in 3rd grade, and within three months, he finished 4th and 5th grades, as shown in his progress chart below. Feng took full advantage of the summer and devoted approximately 300 minutes a week to learning Afficient Math. 

Feng loves Afficient Math because he can learn mathematical concepts before they are taught in class. He wants to practice math every day, and his parents love the fact that they don’t have to push or remind him to learn math. After completing half of 6th grade, he joined the Fixed-Pace Afficient Math program. The Fixed-Pace Afficient math program is for those students who wish to accelerate ahead and excel in their grades. It is also very helpful to prepare for the middle school math placement tests. The program offers 12 instructor-led sessions that help students to complete the grade. The instructor is also able to give students more individualized attention since it’s a small group. Feng’s love for math made him join the program and according to this instructor and account manager, he has been enjoying all the sessions. 

Outside of academics, Feng has earned a brown belt in Taekwondo. He also plays Piano and swims. Our best wishes are with Feng as he continues to pursue his love of learning at Afficient Academy and beyond.