Patrick’s parents came across an article about Afficient Academy and decided to try its free Diagnostic Test. Attracted by Afficient Academy’s self-paced and self-learning features, they enrolled Patrick in Afficient Math in January 2022. Based on his Diagnostic Test results, Patrick started at a third-grade level, the equivalent of his grade in school.

Patrick spends around 4 hours per week working on Afficient Math, and now a little over two months in, he has progressed by two full grade levels! He is currently working on 5th-grade math and has achieved Honors status. His progress chart is a testimony to his hard work and success.

Patrick likes Afficient Math because “…it helps [him] learn quickly and faster than other learning apps or websites.”

According to his Account Manager, Patrick is a diligent student and a fast learner who likes the systematic teaching and long-term goal setting designed by Afficient programs. He is also a very hard-working student who has always been motivated to advance way ahead of grade-level expectations.

His parents have expressed their satisfaction with Afficient Math. They think that Afficient Math helps Patrick learn and master essential skills by practicing a variety of problem types and exercises.

We at Afficient Academy are very pleased with Patrick’s performance and progress and wish him the best for his journey in Afficient Academy and beyond.