Arieana Liang joined Afficient Academy almost two years ago as a 5th grader. Based on her Diagnostic Test results, she started Afficient Math on grade level. Arieana plans her time around her AfficientMath studies and loves to learn every day. Her disciplined and focused approach to learning has helped her earn a place in an advanced math class at her school. She has also gained more confidence, which helps in her overall performance.

Arieana is committed to doing a little bit of work every day in order to complete 100% of her assignments. Arieana thinks that learning skills ahead of her class makes her better prepared for lessons when the teacher introduces them in school.

She has achieved a lot in her two years of Afficient Academy. She started in Afficient Academy at the 5th Grade level, recently finished 8th Grade, and is now beginning Algebra 1. Her Account Advisor says that her progress has been commendable. Her chart is a testimony of her sincere hard work, patience, and perseverance.

To her peers at Afficient Academy, she suggests setting up daily and weekly goals to complete a minimum of 100% of the assigned homework and strictly accomplish that without any compromises.

Arieana loves reading books, especially about time travel, and is inspired by her favorite characters. Arieana is also passionate about coding and is interested in pursuing software engineering as a future career. Psychiatry is another career choice she finds interesting.

Our best wishes are with Arieana as she takes on challenging courses and determines her future career path. We are very confident that she will be able to fulfill her dreams.