In the fifth grade, our daughter’s school district has a test designed to test math skills. The results are very important: they will determine Arieana’s math abilities and will place her in the middle school class that best matches her skills. To give her a legup in middle school, we decided that we would enroll her in Afficient Academy, an education program we learned about from a friend.

We like Afficient Academy for several reasons.

  1. Afficient Academy is a remote program, which is super convenient. Arieana can complete her weekly assignments on a laptop anytime, and anywhere – even on a long vacation. The convenience of this makes it easy for us to make sure Arieana is keeping up with her learning wherever we are.
  2. If we decide we need some in-person help, Afficient Academy has learning centers. We can enroll for the learning center teachers, where
    Afficient offers help and provides guidance when Arieana has questions or needs help. It is like we have a tutor. Even better, Afficient Academy has responded to the pandemic by providing remote supervised sessions for BOTH group and one-on-one tutoring help.
  3. Afficient Academy gives Arieana weekly assignments, setting a goal for her. She can learn math in a systematic and progressive manner. As parents, we do not need to worry about what she is missing.
  4. Afficient Academy provides tokens to encourage Arieana when she completes her weekly assignments and achieves her goals. Tokens give her a lot of motivation. She works hard to achieve her goal every week in exchange for something she likes.

Overall, Afficient Academy is an extremely useful, intelligent learning program. Through Afficient Academy, Arieana has built a solid foundation by increasing her understanding of lower grade materials, improving her mastery of material at grade level, and persevering with materials beyond her grade. Better still, it has helped to develop her self-learning skills while enhancing the quality of her education. Arieana’s progress chart below is a testimony to her success at Afficient Academy.

Afficient Academy has helped Arieana meet and go beyond her (and our) educational goals. We strongly recommend joining Afficient Academy to improve your child’s math skills.