Meet Angelina Chen. She’s been a student at Afficient Academy since June of last year. Angelina’s parents noticed a need and chose Afficient Academy because of the flexibility that comes with an online program. Angelina is in 4th Grade, but her Diagnostic Test identified learning gaps in her math understanding. So, she started at the Grade 2 level in Afficient Math to help fill in those gaps. In addition to helping Angelina grow her math skills, Afficient allows her to learn from anywhere at any time without a physical classroom location, which is especially helpful during the pandemic.

Straightaway, Angelina excelled. In less than six weeks, she solidified her understanding and completed all coursework for Grade 2. In only six months, Angelina is now an honors level student and has begun to study 5th Grade Math. Her progress charts below demonstrate her marked progress over this short period of time.



Angelina also finds the supervisor practice sessions helpful. During Online Supervised Practice sessions, teachers supervise a small number of students while they work on assignments. When a student gets stuck on a difficult problem or concept – or simply wants the comfort of knowing that they can ask a question if they need help – a teacher in the room gives them more confidence. Angelina appreciates this and knows that if she does not understand an idea, she can always go to her teacher for help.

Her course supervisor describes Angelina as “a very serious and diligent student. Her math skills have significantly improved, and her confidence level has soared since joining Afficient Academy.”

Outside of her academic life, Angelina also enjoys reading and playing games with her family.

Angelina, Afficient Academy looks forward to your continued progress and success as we begin this new year.