Nicholas is a long-term Afficient student. He joined Afficient Academy in September 2017 as a sixth grader. His parents learned about our new education startup from a friend and decided to try its free Diagnostic Test. Nicholas took tests for both Afficient Math and Afficient English. Based on his performance on the Diagnostic Tests, it was agreed that Nicholas would go for a quick review of Grades 2 and 3 in math and do a complete review of Grade 3 in English.

According to his parents, they chose Afficient Academy’s programs because they were confident that the programs would help Nicholas understand the concepts, provide enough material for thorough practice, and develop self-learning skills. In the past few years since Nicholas has been learning at Afficient Academy, they have noticed a gradual improvement in Nicholas’ confidence level and his ability to monitor his own learning.

Nicholas is currently in Grade 10, is doing excellent in math, and has shown a lot of improvement in his English skills. Despite his tight schedule and homework pressures as a high school student, he spends four hours on Afficient Math and three hours on Afficient English every week. Nicholas thinks that Afficient Academy’s programs systematically prepare students to manage and excel at school-related homework. He especially likes Afficient’s self-paced learning, accessible communication with tutors, personalized help for students, and mentoring received from Afficient teachers. Afficient Academy has helped Nicholas close his skill gaps, improve his study habits, and grow in confidence.

Outside of academics, Nicholas participates in volunteering opportunities and is a member of the running club and the school orchestra. He is interested in a career in transportation. We wish Nicholas the best in everything he pursues in life.