Tiger Xu, currently a seventh grader, is this week’s Afficient Star. Introduced by a friend, Tiger’s parents chose Afficient Academy’s AI-empowered math and English programs for him because they offer a remote learning option, which is necessary since they live far from a physical learning center.  

After taking the diagnostic test, Tiger was enrolled in the Afficient Math program in Nov 2018 and started learning at the Grade 3 level. Tiger has now been a student at Afficient Academy for more than two years and has completed SIX grades of Afficient Math. He is currently working on Algebra 1.  

After seeing his success in Afficient Math, his parents also enrolled him in Afficient English, the English Language Arts program that helps students build a strong foundation in vocabulary, reading comprehension, language, and writing. Tiger started learning at the Grade 2 level in Afficient English in July 2020. Within a year, he managed to complete two grades and is currently working on Grade 4 material. Tiger spends approximately seven hours per week on Afficient’s programs.   

According to his Account Manager, Tiger is a hard-working student who has completed 100% of his Afficient Math and Afficient English homework assignments for more than 29 weeks in a row. Sharing the secret of his success at Afficient Academy, Tiger explains that he tries to finish 20%-30% of his weekly assignments daily to ensure that he completes 100% of them every week.  

Outside of academics, Tiger is passionate about art and Origami and loves teaching them to others.  

Our best wishes are with Tiger for his continued success in Afficient Academy and beyond.