San Jose, CA, March 10, 2019 – Afficient Academy Inc., a technology empowered After School learning program company devoted to developing a new generation of education programs that enable students to excel, is pleased to announce opening of franchise learning center in San Jose Evergreen, California on March 10th, 2019. This franchise learning center is expected to serve the residents of Evergreen and surrounding neighborhoods.  

Shirley Lin, the franchise owner at the new Evergreen location says “ We are highly confident that Afficient Academy’s technology based education products can really help our students in the community not only in building a strong foundation in subjects like math and English, but also teach self-learning skills and become independent learners, which is an essential skill for all the students to have in this age”. Shirley Lin got her MA in Education and MA in Linguistics before she started her teaching experience.  She and her team have been providing diversified and prosperous programs In MorningLight Education Center in Evergreen starting from 2004. When she learnt about Afficient Academy, its philosophy and staggering success of its students, she was highly impressed and interested to open the Afficient Academy franchise learning center. This Afficient Academy Learning Center is located at 2932 Aborn Square Rd, San Jose CA 95121. 

“By leveraging modern technology, Afficient Academy’s programs make learning highly engaging and efficient with excellent outcome,” said Dr. Jiayuan Fang, the Founder and CEO of Afficient Academy. “We can share our proven Afficient Methodology at our learning centers with students everywhere.”  

 Afficient Academy’s programs assist students to not only achieve a strong foundation but also advance ahead of their school grade level by mastering the skills & abilities required to achieve excellent results efficiently. In the past few years, literally hundreds of students have been benefitted through Afficient’s methodology of learning. They have learnt advanced concepts, mastered the desired skills using Afficient Academy’s intelligent computerized programs and advanced beyond their grade levels. Afficient Academy, which currently has six corporate owned learning centers in the South Bay Area, is expanding its business so that similar results can be achieved by students all over the country and beyond. 

Looking ahead, through its franchise operations, Afficient Academy aims to partner with prospective entrepreneurs to start their own franchise learning centers and facilitate in enhancing the skills and confidence of children in subjects like math and English in communities around them. It is offering opportunities to open new learning centers in all the strategic markets around the country. Motivated and passionate individuals with entrepreneurial mindset may contact Afficient Academy for its low capital investment educational franchise opportunities.  


About Afficient Academy 

Afficient Academy, Inc. was founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley California. Its patented methodology is significantly improving learning experiences and effectiveness.  With the state-of-the-art approach to building a solid foundation first, the personalized and intelligent computerized programs help students to achieve outstanding results efficiently.  

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