Adaptive computerized program to help students develop a strong foundation in reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary and grammar skills 

San Jose, CA, October 2, 2018  – Afficient Academy, Inc., devoted to developing a new generation of education programs based on modern technologies, today announced the launch of its new computer program, Afficient English, on English Language Arts.  

Afficient English is based on the same methodology as that of Afficient Academy’s computer math program Afficient Math.   Afficient Academy’s programs are self-paced and individualized based on each student’s situation. The content of each grade is divided into small segments called skills.  Step-by-step computer illustrations are provided for each skill to enable self-learning.  Our system leads students to learn and practice, automatically identifies weak areas, and intelligently generates practice problems.  The flow of our system ensures the skills are learned, practiced and retained, and all the skills are mastered. Students receive face-to-face supervision at our learning centers, while remote students across the globe are coached by our online teachers.  In the past two and a half years, Afficient Math has been shown to significantly enhance the learning efficiency.  It typically takes one to three months to help students review and build strong foundations of previously learned materials at schools, and continue on to complete a new grade in one to four months.   

“There has been a tremendous demand from the parents of our students to introduce the English Language Arts program that can systematically help students learn and master the skills and improve their performance at schools,” said Dr. Jiayuan Fang, the founder and CEO of Afficient Academy. “We hope Afficient English achieve the same success as our Afficient Math.” 

Afficient Academy’s English Language Arts program, created by a team of teachers with over 35 years of combined experience, is aligned to US Common Core Standards. Through the reading comprehension, language, writing and vocabulary modules, the product offers an extensive and thorough skills-based program that can help students learn and improve, and foster a love of reading and writing. The program specifically instructs students in comprehension and inferencing strategies to improve reading ability. The unique writing component teaches useful methods to organize and revise writing in narrative, expository and persuasive styles.  It also presents directed lessons on grammar, punctuation and spelling concepts. Moreover, it includes a vocabulary component with flashcards, spelling, and usage practice. Using the intelligent computerized system, students self-learn the materials through directed instruction, assisted exercises and exercises.   

Afficient English 2nd Grade is for immediate release.  Higher grades will be released at a rate of a few months per grade.  The program is going to be offered to current students of Afficient Academy at its learning centers and soon to its remote students. 


About Afficient Academy  

Afficient Academy, Inc. was founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley, California. The patented “Afficient Methodology” significantly improves learning experiences and effectiveness.  With the state-of-the-art approach to building a solid foundation first, the intelligent computerized programs help students achieve outstanding results efficiently.  For the past two years, Afficient Academy has been serving hundreds of students at its six corporate learning centers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Its recent addition of remote learning has helped Afficient Academy to reach out to students across the globe. 

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Afficient Academy Inc. 1054 S. De Anza Blvd. Ste 201, San Jose, CA 95129