This week we bring you the story of Noah Tang, a third grader from Brooklyn, New York, currently studying 5th-grade content at Afficient Academy. Noah’s parents discovered Afficient Academy online and thought it would be a good fit for their son since he prefers learning remotely and spends most of his time at home. They also believed that is was a convenient way for him to study anytime, anywhere.  

Noah joined Afficient Academy on April 25, 2021, after taking the math and English Diagnostic Tests. He started in Grade 4 for both Afficient Math and Afficient English, an entire grade level above his current school grade. In less than two months after joining Afficient Academy, Noah completed 4th grade Afficient Math and Afficient English. He began working on 5th grade Afficient Math and Afficient English, achieving Honor status in both programs. Noah spends approximately 7 hours per week on the Afficient program.  

We asked Noah if he likes Afficient’s programs, and he responded, “Yes, because it helps me learn one step ahead of my grade, so when I get to that grade, I already know the basics of it. Also, if I get stuck, I join an online session where an instructor helps me understand the concept.”  

Noah also likes Afficient Academy’s reward system where he can earn prizes for his work. He earns tokens weekly that he can redeem to receive prizes of his choice. Noah says, “[Earning tokens] encourages me to learn even more to get better prizes.”  

What does Noah advise his peers at Afficient Academy? “Mistakes are okay, and always try your best.”  

 Outside of academics, Noah likes biking, playing computer games, and reading. Our best wishes are with Noah for his continued success at Afficient Academy.