Alex was entering 8th grade. His parents wanted a supplemental math program to help him build a strong foundation, offer more exercises to practice outside of his school homework, and provide a quick solution to problems accurately. Their search for the ideal math program ended when a friend recommended Afficient Math. It met their requirements, and Alex started his Afficient Math journey in July 2019.  

Taking the free diagnostic test is often the first step before a student starts on their path with Afficient Academy. Alex was tested on 6th-grade, 7th-grade, and 8th-grade math so that the comprehensive diagnostic test could identify the skill gaps and weaker areas. To build a strong foundation, a student must address the more vulnerable areas, fill the skill gaps, and have a solid understanding of those concepts before moving on. Alex quickly reviewed the materials from below his academic grade level and within a few weeks, he was ready for his grade-level content.  

In the last three years, Alex made substantial progress by reviewing 6th- and 7th-grade materials and completing 8th grade, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2.  He is currently working on Pre-Calculus (Honors) as a 10th grader. His effort and hard work are reflected in his progress goal chart below:  

Alex’s account manager speaks highly of him and says, “Alex is a bright young boy. From the first day when he joined the Afficient program, he understood the importance of self-discipline. Alex devotes 1-2 hours weekly to Afficient Math and always finishes his assignments on time. His hard work and persistence help him perform very well at school.”  

Alex pursues his hobby in music and plays clarinet in his school’s marching band. He is also interested in martial arts and is a 2nd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.  

Alex advises his peers at Afficient Academy that, “Math is not a spectator sport and needs a lot of practice.”  

We realize that, as a high school student, Alex is very busy managing many different activities. We truly appreciate his disciplined approach to learning the Afficient Math program and achieving ‘Honors’ status. We wish him great success in his journey in Afficient Academy and beyond.