We are pleased to share this week the story of Sam Li, a student currently in 3rd Grade and is passionate about Chess & Math.

His parents found out about Afficient Academy from a Wechat group and enquired about it. Although Sam was a little advanced in Math at school, his parents thought that he could build a strong foundation and go beyond his grade level and learn advanced math to realize his potential with the support from Afficient Academy’s AI based programs. They also wanted Sam to pay more attention to English and gain proficiency in the subject.

Sam was enrolled in Afficient Academy in July 2020 and in approximately 8-9 months, Sam advanced more than 3 years ahead of his current school grade in Math and 2 years in English and achieved a High-Honors status. Sam is in Grade 6 in Afficient Math and Grade 5 in Afficient English currently and spends approximately 3-4 hours weekly on each subject.

Sam likes Afficient’s programs because it offers one-to-one mentoring and helps strengthen his skills and knowledge required to perform better at school since the program is based on US Common Core curriculum.

According to his parents, Sam’s performance has improved a lot since he was enrolled at Afficient Academy. He is more confident and participates in more activities. They also shared that Sam plays Chess, participates in Chess competitions, and wins trophies!

Sam advises to all the fellow Afficient students and says, “Be confident, if you don’t try, you never know!” Our best wishes are with Sam for his journey in Afficient Academy.