In this week’s Newsletter, we bring you the story of Henry Jin, a student in grade 4 at Fairmont school, California. Even though he was advanced in Math at school, his parents thought it was important for him to build a solid foundation. Considering the summer break approaching, and Henry having plenty of time on hand, his parents decided to enroll Henry in Afficient’s programs after being referred by a friend. Henry joined Afficient Academy in the beginning of June 2020.
Henry spends around 200 minutes per week to get his homework completed every week and in approximately 10 months since joining, he has advanced by 2 grades ahead of his school in math (Grade 6) and 1 grade ahead in English (Grade 5). This is really a consistent and impressive progress and Henry’s parents are very satisfied. Henry has achieved Honors status in Afficient Academy and on his way to receive High-Honors status soon.

Henry loves Afficient’s programs because he likes systematic teaching and long-term goal setting designed by Afficient’s programs. Henry’s parents love Afficient’s programs because they can see the progress of their child periodically as well as real time. They feel it’s a good helper, because the result is quantifiable and a constant measure of efficiency of their child. Afficient Academy sends weekly progress reports to parents, the program’s dashboard offers information about the student’s weekly progress, also Afficient’s free Android and iOS Apps provide real-time progress information. Afficient Academy’s dedicated Account Managers stay in constant touch with the students and parents and provide a great deal of services to ensure that the student’s journey in Afficient Academy is smooth and enjoyable.

Henry is registered for Math and English in GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) programs at school and his parents aren’t worried for his performance, because they are confident that Afficient’s programs will help Henry perform well at school.

Here is the progress chart of Henry. We wish Henry a great success in his journey at Afficient Academy.