Ryder is currently a second grader, but at Afficient Academy, he is one grade above in Afficient English and two grades above in Afficient Math. After coming across an article published by Afficient Academy in WeChat, Ryder’s parents decided to enroll him in both programs. Since Ryder had extra time on his hands, his parents planned to engage him in educational activities. Ryder started at Afficient Academy in mid-November last year and has demonstrated so much progress that he has continued with us ever since. 


Within nine months, Ryder has progressed to 4th-grade content in Afficient Math, earning a High-Honors status, and 3rd-grade content in Afficient English, achieving Honors status. Ryder spends around two hours per week during the weekdays and three hours per week on the weekends doing his Afficient homework. His parents didn’t push him too much, especially during the weekdays, and allowed him to take charge of his own learning, ensuring his weekly assignment completion. 

Ryder thinks that Afficient English has helped him tremendously in his vocabulary skills, and he can analyze articles better. His reading comprehension ability has also improved significantly. Afficient Math has given him many practice opportunities for which he can remember the math tables better.

Ryder is selected to attend the Academic Talent Development class at school. It is a program designed to challenge students, encourage risk-taking, empower them, and foster independent learning, creativity, and critical thinking.

After joining Afficient Academy, Ryder has achieved excellent results and is in the top 5% in English, Maths, Science, and Human Science. His parents advise other parents to be more involved in their child’s Afficient education and help read articles, make vocabulary notes, and do some review.

Ryder’s Account Manager is quite impressed with Ryder and says, “Ryder is a sweet and diligent student. He is a fast learner and likes the systematic teaching and long-term goal setting designed by Afficient programs. He is also very hard-working and has always been motivated to advance way ahead of his school level.”

Outside of academics, Ryder loves swimming and playing Minecraft games. We wish Ryder tremendous success in Afficient Academy and beyond.