We are excited to announce the release of our newest function in Afficient Math and Afficient English – Automatic Student Progress Goals.

Afficient Math and Afficient English programs generate personalized Progress Goals during account setup after a new student completes the diagnostic tests. Progress Goals predict the pace of the student’s progress (using a model based on data from previous students) and create a schedule the student can follow as they learn.

Progress Goals are intended to help students stay on track and stay motivated. The study plan also gives parents and students a long-term view of the student’s learning, from their current grade all the way to Pre-Calculus (for Afficient Math) or Grade 8 (for Afficient English).

Progress Goals automatically update based on the student’s progress and notify parents and students
of any changes.

If you would like to modify the learning schedule, you can contact our Account Manager to set customized goals. In addition, parents can offer specific rewards to their children for achieving certain goals as a source of additional motivation.

Progress Goals and parent rewards will be displayed on the home page of student’s Afficient Math or Afficient English product, where students can easily see. We hope students will be constantly motivated and reminded to achieve their goals.

We also would like our parents and students pay special attention to the next goal, and ensure the next goal is achieved by the target date. Accumulation of small steps leads to the bright future.

We hope our students will take advantage of our highly efficient AI-based systems to build a solid foundation, achieve excellence in their studies, and continue this excellence far into the future.

Best wishes,
Afficient Academy

P.S. Our 3-stage learning pathways: Stage 1: Build a solid foundation. Thoroughly review and fill in gaps of previous years. Stage 2: Elevate to excellence. Advance to excellent academic level. Stage 3: Continue the excellence. Maintain academic excellence throughout. Typical student progress records and goals are shown in the following figures. The horizontal axis is the School Grade of the student, the vertical axis is the Subject/Grade of our course. The red solid line is the actual progress made by the student. The dotted line projects what the student is expected to accomplish in the future.

Student Progress Example 1: Review previous years’ content, and elevate to excellence.

Student Progress Example 2: Elevate to and continue the excellence.