Parents, do you remember how much math you learned in first grade? How many foreign languages you could speak? How many musical instruments you could play? Maybe some of you were rock stars but I can safely guess that most of you probably could count to 30, speak a few words of a foreign language, and sing a rhyme or two!

Well, here is the story of Leila Fattal. She is a precocious first grader at Challenger, a private school in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Leila’s parents learned about Afficient Academy from a WeChat post and Leila took our math diagnostic test. Our Afficient Math program covers second grade through high school math content.

Based on the diagnostic test results, the starting point was determined. Leila began learning second-grade content in Afficient Math. Her Afficient journey started in May 2020, exactly a year ago. Please look at the chart below to see her progress in the last year. Leila managed to complete 6 grades above her current grade in school. She is currently learning seventh-grade math at Afficient Academy, while she is officially in first grade at her school! This is amazing progress which clearly shows her determination, commitment, effort, and motivation that helps her continue learning materials way beyond her grade level. We would also like to recognize the commitment of her parents allowing and encouraging her to continue to master increasingly advanced math concepts.

Leila spends 45 minutes to an hour every weekday (Monday through Friday) on her Afficient Math homework. She has fun doing Afficient Math and likes it because of all the demos and support she receives. She gets super excited seeing all the charts and graphs in the problems. She also likes the fact that she could always go back to review the lessons she learned earlier. She feels of her accomplishments and enjoys the status of being a high honors student at Afficient Academy.

Apart from her stellar achievements in academics, she can speak French and Mandarin, loves swimming, plays Gu Zheng – a traditional Chinese musical instrument (Chinese plucked Zither), and enjoys reading and telling jokes. She even modeled for a baby clothing line when she was an infant.

According to Leila’s Academic Advisor at Afficient Academy, “Leila is a sweet little girl and an intelligent student. She is a fast learner; she likes the systematic teaching and long-term goal setting designed by Afficient programs.”

Leila’s parents attribute her success to her daily habit of working on her Afficient Math homework and her goals which she set for herself. Undoubtedly, it requires meticulous planning, persistent effort, and motivation to advance six grades above her current school grade, especially at her age. Leila advises all the fellow Afficient students, “Please don’t give up or stop. Keep doing it.”

We are delighted to have Leila as a member of the Afficient family. Our best wishes are with her for a bright academic career and her future. She is truly one of Afficient’s youngest and most precocious champions!