Meredith is a seventh grader from Sunnyvale, California. She always wanted to have a strong vocabulary in English & improve her overall skills in English Language Arts. After being referred by a family friend, she was interested in Afficient Academy’s English Language Arts program and scheduled her Diagnostic Test.

In Afficient Academy, the first step is to take a comprehensive Free Diagnostic Test which evaluates a students’ skills in various grades thoroughly to diagnose the skill gaps, identify the weaknesses and strengths. At the end of the test which is usually for about 40 minutes-60 minutes, a performance report is generated that clearly lays out the skills that need attention, the skills that are fine, and the score etc. An Academic Advisor also provides a custom learning path for the student after the Diagnostic Test is over.

It’s normal to find some skill gaps from previous grades in majority of the students that enroll at Afficient Academy. Meredith found a few skill gaps too. She enrolled in Afficient English program in September 2020.

Seven months have passed since Meredith joined Afficient Academy and she has made tremendous progress. By following the Academic Advisor’s study plan, she covered all the skill gaps in Grade 5 and 6 and quickly reached grade 7 for both Vocabulary & Language Arts sections of the program. Please refer to her progress chart below.

Meredith says, “Since I joined Afficient, I have learned many new words which help me for schoolwork and reading.” Her Account Manager/ Academic Advisor speaks very high of Meredith for being a very responsible and hard-working student. Meredith advises to all the fellow students at Afficient Academy to keep practicing.

Besides her studies, she pursues dance, art, Piano, and chess. She has passed CM level 6 in Piano which is quite an achievement for her age. At Afficient Academy, we feel that Meredith has a lot of potential as a student who is not only focused on academics but also on her extra-curricular activities which help her achieve a well-rounded personality as she grows. Also, it’s our observation that Afficient students are able to focus on extra-curricular activities since they are able to complete their school-work faster & free up their time easily which they can spend learning other subjects.

Our best wishes are with Meredith for an enjoyable & successful journey at Afficient Academy.