Like most parents want their child to be excellent in academics as well as have skills and talent in music, sports and other extra-curricular activities, Evan’s parents also want it all for him. Evan Lau is a 5th grader at Ruby Bridges Elementary school in California. Evan’s parents learned about Afficient Academy from a WeChat post. Realizing that Afficient Academy’s AI-based Math & English programs can certainly help Evan get better grades at school and assist him to advance beyond his school grades, they signed up for a Free Diagnostic Test and eventually enrolled Evan in Afficient Academy in June 2020.

Evan spends around 1 hour per day on each subject, i.e Afficient Math & Afficient English.

He likes Afficient ’s programs because it gives him all the information to succeed in school. In less than a year’s time, Evan could complete more than 3 grades in Math and 2 grades in English. Currently he has covered more than half of 8th grade in Math and 7th grade in English, in which he has made substantial progress in both Language Arts and Vocabulary sections of the program. This is a phenomenal progress because at Afficient Academy, almost all the students must review previous grade materials to ensure that there are no skill gaps which helps them to build a strong foundation in the subject. Once a strong foundation is built, it’s easier to learn a new skill. His progress charts below show his excellent progress.

Both Evan and his parents feel that Afficient’s programs are easy to use and teach many ways to solve a problem. According to Evan’s Academic Advisor, Evan is a studious boy, he works hard and doesn’t give up easily.

Evan has completed ABRSM level 5 in Piano and it’s an excellent accomplishments at his age. ABRSM founded in 1889, is the UK’s largest music education body, one of its largest music publishers and world’s leading provider of music exam. Evan also learns Kung Fu, loves to read, play games and travel.

“Try your best and don’t give up” is Evan’s mantra and he advises the same to all the fellow students at Afficient Academy. We wish Evan Lau an enjoyable and successful journey at Afficient Academy.

Progress Chart-math

Progress Chart-Afficient Math

Progress Chart-English

Progress Chart-Afficient English