Derek is a 5th grader at W.H. Modern Public School in Canada and is in the gifted program. His parents noticed that he didn’t show much interest in math and struggled in the subject. Referred by a friend, his parents decided to try Afficient Math. Based on Derek’s diagnostic test results, Derek started reviewing grades 3 and 4 in January 2021. He is now working on grade 7 content and spends about 6 hours per week on Afficient Math. As evident from his progress goal graph below, Derek progressed beyond his school grade by two grades in seven months. His accomplishment is an example of hard work, tenacity, focus, and motivation.

Highlighting his achievements in Afficient Math, his Academic Advisor sings his praises and says, “Derek works so hard that he finished reviewing grade 3 and grade 4 in only ten days. He completed 100% of his weekly assignments for 29 weeks in a row. Currently, he is learning advanced-level materials. I can tell from his activity that he won’t give up on difficulties easily. He will always try his best to conquer them.

When we asked Derek’s parents for their opinion about the Afficient Math program, they said, “Afficient has a well-designed system to ensure that Derek not only masters the topic(s) that he is learning in the current chapter but also that he does not forget any other math topics he learned in the previous chapters or even previous grade(s). The multi-level evaluation mechanism is the part we like the best about Afficient. After he passes from level 1 to Proficient level, we know for sure he has mastered all the topics he learned from chapter 1, and after he passes the Afficient test, we know he is ready for the next grade.

Managing his own learning pace is another part we like with Afficient. Learning ahead of the curriculum gives Derek opportunities to try some enriched math programs without adding too much pressure on him. All in all, we are impressed with the significant improvement that happened in Derek’s math study. Now, Derek gets used to having at least 30 minutes of Afficient study as his daily routine, and he is proud of seeing his daily progress (completion percentage) shown on the top of the home page.

Derek also likes reading and writing, and he has shown emerging interests in coding and animation. Outside of his academics, he is interested in hockey, Legos, and playing piano. He won a gold medal in the Canadian National Virtual Lego Robotics competition (grade 4-6 group) and has earned an RCM level 5 certificate in piano.

Derek advises his peers at Afficient Academy to spend 20-30 minutes every day, including weekends, on Afficient to ensure consistent progress. We are very impressed with Derek’s achievements and wish him great success in Afficient Academy and beyond.