Bill Han is currently a third grader at school, but at Afficient Academy, he is learning fourth-grade level material. After learning about Afficient Academy on WeChat, his parents enrolled him in Afficient Math in November 2020. Based on his diagnostic test results, Bill started at the “To Be Learned” level in grade two. In the last eight months, Bill has made excellent progress by completing two full grades and is poised to complete fourth grade soon, as evident in his progress chart below.

According to Bill’s parents, they chose Afficient Academy’s program over other similar after-school programs for two reasons:

Afficient Academy’s programs are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

There are many questions and exercises that make students practice rigorously before they can master the skills and feel confident.

Bill usually spends approximately 150 minutes weekly on Afficient Math, and he is one grade above his current school grade, placing him in Afficient Academy’s Honor roll. According to his Academic Advisor, “Bill is a sweet and diligent student. He is a fast learner; he likes the systematic teaching and long-term goal setting designed by Afficient programs. He is a very hard-working student and has always been motivated to advance way ahead of his school level.”

Outside of academics, Bill loves playing tennis, practicing piano, and swimming. Bill’s parents attribute some of his academic success to Afficient Academy and say, “Thanks, Afficient!” We wish Bill a very successful journey crossing many milestones in education and beyond.