After seeing a marketing promotion, Audrey’s parents wanted her to try Afficient Academy’s math and English programs. They chose Afficient Academy for their fourth grader because the programs are intelligent, flexible, and custom-designed.

Based on the Diagnostic Test results, Audrey began Afficient Math at grade 4 and Afficient English at grade 3. She was enrolled in Afficient Academy in February 2021 and has made tremendous progress in math and English, which is evident in her progress charts. In just four months, she has progressed to grade 8 in Afficient Math and grade 6 in Afficient English, achieving High Honor status in math and Honor status in English for both Vocabulary and Language Arts modules. She spends approximately five hours a week on Afficient’s programs. Audrey and her parents think Afficient’s programs are highly efficient, effective, and helpful. She is also enrolled in Afficient’s ISEE lower prep program, which helps students succeed in the entrance test for private schools. Audrey plans to complete all the available courses in Afficient Math and English.

Apart from her academics, she participates in many extracurricular activities and pursues different hobbies. She loves dancing, acting, modeling, composing, and creating original music. She also enjoys biking, reading, and watching TV. She has won awards in many national-level competitions in solo dance and earned a gold medal in the finals of the 4th Global Chinese Recitation Contest. She has also acted in a movie and participated in a commercial video.

According to her Afficient Advisor, “Audrey is a sweet, versatile, and diligent student. She spends a lot of time in her talent shows but still achieves wonderful progress in our program. We believe she will continue to do better in the future.”

Audrey advises her Afficient peers, “Go at your own pace. Persistence can help us to reach personal goals.”

We wish Audrey an enjoyable experience and an incredible journey at Afficient Academy. We wish her great success in her academics and all other pursuits.