Summer is only a couple of weeks away. Some of you must be looking forward to vacations. Some of you might be thinking of giving your kids a break during this summer and some of you might still be looking for a summer program to keep your children engaged in learning activities.

Since the pandemic is not over yet and kids’ education has already suffered a lot, it’s important for children to take advantage of the summer break to fill in skill gaps, focus on materials that they couldn’t master during the school year, and prepare themselves for the new academic year. Hopefully, by the next academic year, all schools will be open and back to pre-pandemic functionality.

If a student wants to be prepared for the challenges of the next grade, s/he must have a strong foundation and excellent grasp of the concepts and skills learned in the previous years. We all know that subjects like math, English, and science are interlinked, thus having a solid foundation helps. For example, if a student hasn’t mastered all the basic mathematical operations, then learning fractions and decimals will be difficult.

‘Summer learning loss,’ also known as ‘summer slide’ is real and if you aren’t aware of it, and/or missed reading our article on this topic, please read it here. Based on research, the article concludes that enrichment programs over the summer will help students from losing the progress they made throughout the school year and may even help children accelerate their learning.

If you are looking for a systematic approach to find out what your child must learn and master all those skills that help your child prepare for the new academic year, then you must consider Afficient Academy’s free diagnostic test for your child.

Afficient Academy’s diagnostic test thoroughly evaluates your child’s skills in math and English, identifies skill gaps, and determines a suitable starting grade or level which your child must review. Unlike in-person school where a child needs an entire academic year to learn all the content for a grade, Afficient Academy students take anywhere between 1-4 months to review content and complete a grade. Individual children’s results may vary, but this is based on thousands of students’ results over the past six years that we have been studying and analyzing. We are very confident that if students follow our recommendation of a personalized study plan based on their diagnostic test performance and completes 100% of the assigned homework weekly, they can easily build a strong foundation, get ready for the challenges of the next academic session, and even advance further in grade levels. This is going to help students immensely because they will know the content well, their classroom participation will improve, and their overall confidence will rise. Finally, your child will have more time for other subjects or non-academic interests or hobbies.

To schedule a diagnostic test for your child, just click the blue button at the bottom of this article and it will lead you to our website where you can find a pop-up form that you can fill out and provide your contact details. You will receive an invitation via email to schedule your diagnostic test which your child can take online at home. Our academic advisors will reach out to you and explain the test results once the test is over and present a personalized learning plan.

At Afficient Academy, your child can enroll in Afficient Math & Afficient English and you can schedule our diagnostic tests for both subjects. Please check out our product pages on our website and find our course curriculum which is aligned to U.S. common core state standards.

We encourage you to learn about our programs, plan to schedule a diagnostic test appointment for your child, and let us help your child get prepared for the next academic year. We look forward to keeping your child engaged in learning activities during this summer and not let him/her lose about a month’s worth of learning over the summer break.