Alex is a student in grade 5 at PS188 school. Alex loves English as a subject. He is fascinated with learning new English words, their meanings and uses in sentences etc. Considering his interest in the subject, his parents decided to enroll him in ‘Afficient English’- Afficient Academy’s English Language and Arts online program.
Alex started the program in the beginning of April last year at grade 3 level.
Within a span of just 7 months, Alex made consistent and impressive progress and has reached 2 years above his school grade, currently learning Grade 7 materials in Afficient English. Alex’s Progress chart clearly shows his excellent progress and accomplishment.

Alex’s parents as well as Alex found Afficient English to be very helpful for developing the language and vocabulary skills and further enhance his interest in the subject. Alex personally likes the systematic learning and long-term goal setting offered by Afficient’s programs. Alex’s parents are very happy with his results and Afficient Academy’s learning programs.

Progress Chart-Alex