Is it possible for a student in 4th grade to learn Algebra 2 which is seven grades above the current school grade? Well, in Afficient Academy it’s possible! It may appear a monumental task, but Kaden Leong has achieved it.

Kaden is a student in 4th grade in Millikin Elementary school in Santa Clara, CA. Prior to joining Afficient Academy, Kaden spent 2 years at a local Kumon center and got tired of Kumon’s repetitive math assignments. Kaden’s parents found out about Afficient Academy from a friend and wanted to try it out for Kaden. His Diagnostic Test results suggested to have a deep review of grade 4. Kaden was enrolled in Afficient Math in Oct 2019. In 18 months, Kaden has made a tremendous progress by completing seven levels above his school grade. In other words, he is seven years ahead of his peers in the same grade in math.

Kaden only spends 2-3 hours a week in Afficient Math program and is a High-Honors student.

Kaden’s parents are impressed with Afficient Math because:

  • Being an adaptive program, the assignments are of varying difficulty suitable to Kaden’s skillset
  • The Academic Advisor at Afficient Academy monitors his progress closely, work alongside the parents and adjusts the progress goal accordingly.
  • The teachers at Afficient Academy are patient, and very helpful.
  • The Real-time progress report is available to parents on their mobile device

According to the Academic Advisor of Kaden, he is a very hard-working and highly motivated student. He is also a very fast learner and for him, the teachers have to put the least amount of efforts.

Kaden is equally amazing in extra-curricular activities. He won a Bronze medal from Chinese American Abacus Association. He also won a first place in SJ Chess club hosted by Academicare. Besides, he is into swimming, Piano, Chess, Coding, Choir, Math Olympiad training and public speaking. His hobbies include Minecraft, building LEGO and robotics. Recently, he completed two challenging LEGO sets – Millennium Falcon (7541 pieces) and Taj Mahal (5923 pieces).

Kaden’s advice to fellow students at Afficient Academy “Don’t panic, mistakes are OK. Nothing is impossible, always aim high and sky is the limit”. This is simply amazing coming from a student in 4th grade!

We wish Kaden a great success in Afficient Academy as well as in all his pursuits.